Naples Soap Company is a health and wellness brand that markets more than 400 personal care products, including body care, face care and hair care. These products are made with premium, high-quality, natural and organic ingredients. Products are sold at 13 Naples Soap Company stores in Florida and from the Company’s website at naplessoap.com. Additionally, the Company wholesales products to more than 300 national and boutique re-sellers and works with DTC (direct-to-consumer and direct-to-retailer) sites including Amazon and Faire.


Founder & CEO, Deanna Wallin, personally struggled and suffered from eczema and psoriasis for most of her life. Her daughter was also born with eczema. Deanna tried countless prescriptions and over-the-counter products to find relief for their symptoms. Nothing they tried worked, or at least worked for any period of time until Deanna began a diligent search for products that would relieve their symptoms.

Having been a former nurse, she understood the effects harsh commercial chemicals can have on the body. She started reading product labels and researching common ingredients in many cosmetic and beauty products. She learned about propylene glycol, parabens, hardening agents, sulfates, and much more. As an alternative, she started using natural and organic products on herself and her daughter. Before long, they started to see amazing results.

Inspired by her own skin care journey, Deanna set out to help others find relief as well. In 2009, she founded Naples Soap Company with a small 300 square foot retail store in a tourist mall called Tin City in Naples, Florida.

Today, the Company under Deanna’s leadership is a pioneer in the natural skin care industry.

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